Gary Saitowitz gives valuable tips for secure hospital visits during the pandemic

Gary Saitowitz

Gary Saitowitz with the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, health and hygiene concerns have become an inseparable part of human life. In this scenario, visits to the health centers and hospitals are experiencing a backlog. It is because of safety concerns. It is the crucial reason why people are canceling appointments and avoiding their visits to the hospital. Only in an urgency scenario, people are taking the help of medical practitioners. However, this should not be the case. In case you require medical attention, getting in touch with your physician is of utmost significance. These days, telehealth appointments are on the go. Hence, experts provide advice on how to make hospital visits safe and secure.


Take a quick look at the following points provided by Gary Saitowitz


As stated earlier, the facilities of the hospital are of prime significance to the patient. During an emergency, go for immediate medical attention at a nearby Health Centre. Hence, keeping the following points in mind before visiting clinics is essential


  • Schedule the appointment: while biking for an appointment, you must choose the first slot in the early morning hour. It is not too crowded then. You will encounter fewer individuals if you take the morning slot. In contrast, when you take an afternoon slot like that ranging between 12:30 to 4:30, you have to encounter a rush. You may also get delayed with your appointment because of the crowd. Hence, choosing the morning slot will help you finish all your commitments well in time.


  • Keep updating your contact information, insurance, and pharmacy: try to make updates in your account or profile well before time. It will reduce the time you invest in the hospital and also the risk of exposure. Moreover, insurance will help you take care of the expenses of the hospital. Keep in mind that the more organized you are, the better are the chances of getting quick medical help.

      Surveys Reveal That Parking


  • Plan your parking: it might sound very kiddish; however, surveys reveal that parking options must get sorted well in advance. It will help you to save time that you can invest in other productive areas in the hospital. According to Gary Saitowitz, when you plan your parking, you may avoid the elevators, which are high-contact areas. Keep in mind that open lots and street parking are the best. Moreover, ground floor parking is another option you may choose.


  • Plan the route: make use of smaller entrances and avoid crowded elevators. When you take tinier corridors, they have fewer lines and crowds. Ask the security regarding where you must head towards when you enter. Moreover, plan for the extra time that you have to invest in waiting for the elevator.


Apart from this, remember that anything that does not require you to visit the hospital physically must be regulated remotely. Moreover, try to avoid getting children with you when you are within the health centers’ premises. In addition to this, keep in mind that safety precautions are for your wellbeing. Hence, making use of them is vital.


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