Gary Saitowitz Identifies Some Flourishing Industries despite COVID-19 Economy


Gary Saitowitz COVID-19 is wreaking havoc and is in a destruction mode. Hence, lockdowns continue to safeguard people from the coronavirus infection. However, despite the sorry state of the economy, numerous opportunities are coming up in certain industries. And several organizations in these specific fields are doing brisk business and experiencing unprecedented productivity and overall growth. Here are some interconnected industries that are going strong despite the lockdown due to the coronavirus. 

Gary Saitowitz Says LOHAS (‘Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability’) & Wellness Industry Is Booming

While encountering and combating the coronavirus pandemic, immunity could be your greatest weapon. Keeping this in mind, the fitness equipment industry. And home exercise programs are strategically placed to boom. Take, for instance, a fitness app, offering workout programs including everything from cycling to yoga. Its ranking went up drastically from 260th to 79th on the Apple App Store, precisely in terms of just downloads. 

We have witnessed that live broadcasts of all fitness classes have gone up by 513% on PP Sport, an online sports platform. Ever since the brand launched its fitness courses sometime in late January. There has been a phenomenal boost in the live streaming of workout. And yoga sessions via social media platforms such as Instagram. 

Moreover, there has been a dramatic boost in the overall sales of top quality indoor fitness equipment. As per the statistics provided by, skipping rope sales had gone up by 56 %, yoga mats rose 150% and dumbbells soared 60%.

Gary Saitowitz says since the outbreak of the coronavirus, millions of people have been worried that they may have contracted the deadly virus. So they have been visiting online health platforms all the time to seek expert medical consultation. We find that the newly registered users on all these online health and wellness platforms rose to almost 10% with daily consultation on an average growing almost 10X, having an average.

Gary Saitowitz Points out that Grocery Deliveries Are Thriving

With millions of people across the globe on lockdown or in-home quarantine. We have seen a dramatic boost in the opportunities for grocery delivery services and certain recipe apps too. People are opting for contactless delivery to avoid infection from coronavirus. 

Gary Saitowitz Says that Remote Learning & Online Education Are Flourishing

During this pandemic, many people across the globe have opted for online education. EdTech organizations are reaping the fruits since globally conventional training and learning institutions are making an effort. To adapt and effectively accelerate their change to remote teaching. Some education firms are coming up with e-learning courses and developing effective data tools. For analyzing student performance and assisting teachers in tracking their progress. 


Remote work apps are witnessing a boom since millions of professionals are compelled to work from home. Moreover, the global mobile gaming industry is going through an explosion, as far as, downloads are concerned. These thriving industries act as streaks of hope for the economy in this dire situation. 

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