Gary Saitowitz provides information regarding symptoms of Covid-19 in young adults

Gary Saitowitz

There is evidence that establishes that Covid-19 is not that dangerous for children and young adults. It is the middle-aged individuals and infants who are at higher risk. Irrespective of this, having a reasonable awareness of the symptoms of Covid-19 is essential for parents and guardians. Identifying emergency warning signs of Covid symptoms will help you seek appropriate care as and when required.


Recent surveys reveal no direct contact between Covid-19 and the fetus in the mother’s womb. However, the moment the child comes to the world, they are exposed to the risk. Hence, it is the parent’s and guardians’ responsibility to take precautionary measures to protect their children from the virus.


How to identify the symptoms of Covid-19 in kids, as stressed by Gary Saitowitz

Research worldwide reveals that the risk of severe illness is much lower in children than in adults. Out of all the cases of Covid-19 among children, very few had died. Moreover, the exact reason for death is under investigation. Recent evidence reveals that the infant is at a higher risk than young adults. Moreover, keep in mind that around 90% of children have mild to moderate disease symptoms. The symptoms which children experience include the following


  • Fever and flu-like symptoms are widespread in children. Although in comparison to adults, fever is less likely to develop in young children, keep in mind that fever is one of the earliest symptoms of coronavirus. Studies reveal that around 70% of children with this disease had cough, fever, and shortness of breath.


  • Respiratory tract symptoms include a runny nose, sore throat, and cough. According to Gary Saitowitz, children with mild symptoms must get immediate medical attention so that the symptoms do not worsen. In addition to this, digestive symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea develop in children.


  • Also, change in the sense of smell and behavioral changes are more in children. Recent surveys reveal that children lose their sense of smell or taste at the initial stage of Covid-19. They also develop headaches and muscle pain. In addition to this, they become moody and snappy very often. In case they are too young, it is difficult for them to express their feelings verbally. Hence, it is the responsibility of their parents to identify the symptoms. And thereby take the necessary steps.


The treatment method to deal with the pathogen

When it comes to treatment, keep in mind that there is no medication for curing Covid-19. However, children respond to home treatment. Therefore, it is the parents’ responsibility to encourage them to rest and give them lots of fluid to prevent dehydration. Checking on them regularly and asking the doctor about over the counter medication is essential.


Caregivers and parents must make a note of safety guidelines available on the website of higher authorities. Moreover, in case the kids feel very sick, parents must take assistance from a nearby hospital. The doctors will focus on the child’s symptoms and thereby provide adequate treatment. It might include steroid medication, providing the child with oxygen and intravenous fluid as per the health condition.


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